Wolf Moon Introduces Tuck Net Series

Wolf Moon Nets Tuck series profile
Wolf Moon Nets Tuck series profile

New for 2013 are the Wolf Moon Tuck Nets, two models that are comfortably curved to tuck into your waistband or behind a hip pack while you’re walking or fishing.¬†Our Colorado rep, Ben Furimsky, came up with this. Thanks, Ben!

The Steeple is a teardrop-shaped Tuck. Essentially, the bow is the same as our Ledge, except for the bend that moves the tip of the bow away from your shoulder blades.

The Slope is a C&R model the same size as our Prairie. With a Slope tucked into your wading belt, you’re ready to land that Old Curmudgeon gently — so you can release him to taunt you again another day.

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Donna Kallner

fiber artist, teacher, writer