Prairie model from Wolf Moon Nets



Prairie (H)
overall length 24-1/2″ / bow 17-1/2″ long x 8-1/2″ wide
PRA has ash bow with black walnut handle
PRA-10 has soft knotless sack
PRA-RC has clear lightweight rubber sack

Dealers asked for a bigger version of the Oxbow, so Bill added width to make it easier to get larger fish into the sack but kept the overall length of the Prairie close to the dimensions of the Oxbow. In other words, this is the net to have on your back when you’re heading in to that secret spot where the fish are big, the water’s fast, the rocks are slippery, and all you need besides the right fly and presentation is a little luck and the chance to catch that one again another day. The bow is made from a single strip of carefully selected straight-grained ash fitted with a black walnut handle.

Prairie by Wolf Moon Nets b
Prairie by Wolf Moon Nets handle
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