IMG_6709bWolf Moon Nets are made in Wisconsin and sold in some of the finest fly shops in the U.S. Find a dealer using the drop-down menu at the top of the page or in the sidebar.

15 Minutes of Fame.  We always appreciate photos to share on our news page, Twitter, or Facebook. Send your JPG images to Bill Kallner with a bit of info (who’s in the picture, where it was taken, how we can contact you, and why you love our nets).

Fly Shop Owners. We moved to the manufacturing side of the outdoor industry after 25 years as canoe and kayak retailers. Believe us when we say, we appreciate the job dealers do. And we try to make it easy for you to love us and our products. To learn more, Email Bill Kallner or phone our worldwide headquarters on northern Wisconsin’s Wolf River:

Guides: We know you appreciate tools that stand up to hard use and look great in your clients’ photos. Our generous guide program is available only through our dealers. Ask for details at your local shop. (P.S. We love to see pictures of you and our nets on your home waters and wherever else you wander!)

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