Nine Mile model from Wolf Moon Nets.

Nine Mile

Nine Mile
Nine Mile

Nine Mile (D)
overall length 18-1/2″ / bow 12″ long x 7-3/4″ wide
NMA has ash bow with black walnut handle
NMW has black walnut bow with inlaid figured maple handle
NMA-8 and NMW-8 have 8″ soft knotless sack

You’ll appreciate this smaller net the next time you hike a couple of miles through brush to get to the action. The Nine Mile is small, but it’s not a toy: It will handle good-size fish when you get into them. With its smaller profile, this is an ideal net for the tenkara enthusiast or a kid learning to catch and release. Like the Wolf River, the Nine Mile is available with an ash bow and black walnut handle (NMA), or with a black walnut bow and a figured maple handle inlaid with contrasting woods (NMW).

Nine Mile by Wolf Moon Nets detail

Nine Mile by Wolf Moon Nets detail b

Profile D