Wolf Moon Nets
Wolf Moon Nets

What kind of wood do you use? Mostly white ash and black walnut for our single-strip bows. Our careful wood selection and traditional craftsmanship let us build nets that are light and balanced as well as strong. Our larger steelhead and drift boat models have extra-strength laminated bows that include a couple layers of white oak. Handles are custom fit to the bows, and many handles use figured woods or have decorative inlays to contrast with the figured wood handles. Some of those inlays are exotic woods, often reclaimed scraps from other woodworkers. But the woods we use are locally sourced, and most are native to the Midwest.

IMG_6733What kind of sacks come on your nets? Most of our nets come with a choice of sack options. We offer clear, lightweight rubber sacks on most of our model. Many are also available with soft, shallow, knotless nylon mesh sacks that get softer after they’ve been wet a time or two. Our smallest teardrop nets are only available with nylon sacks at this time.

How do I replace a nylon sack on my net? Your dealer will need the code on the inside of the bow or the inside dimensions of the bow (width and length) to order the correct replacement sack. While you’re waiting for it, give the net bow a touch-up coat of marine spar varnish. Let it dry at least overnight. Then clear any varnish that plugged  holes in the bow with a finish nail or a small awl.

For sewing the new sack onto the bow you need:

  • a length of braided Dacron (muskie line)
  • a #18 tapestry needle (from a quilt or needlework shop)
  • sharp scissors
  • a couple of spring clamps

Clamp the handle of the net to a table or bench top with the bow extending out beyond the surface. Pad the clamp so you don’t mar the finish on either surface.

Cut a length of braided Dacron twice the overall length of your net plus about a foot. Stitching from the center of the top of the hoop, opposite the handle. Find the center point of the Dacron and  hold it at the center of the top of the hoop. Clamp the left tail of the Dacron securely to provide tension control and keep the line from slipping. Thread the needle onto the right tail of the Dacron. Find the center of the sack opposite the seamed end. Center the sack on the bow. To stitch, pass the needle from the outside of the bow to the inside and through one of the holes in the mesh next to the finished edge of the sack. Now pass the needle back through the same hole you entered through, pulling the edge of the sack as snug as possible. Advance the Dacron to the next hole to the right and repeat the process, working your way to the throat of the net. The last hole will be an angled hole that emerges at the throat of the net inside the bow. When you reach this point, drop that thread from your needle.

Go back and thread the left tail of the Dacron onto your needle and stitch the opposite side of the net the same way. When you reach the throat again, both thread tails will be coming out of the angled holes inside the bow.

If there is extra sack material at the throat, thread the Dacron through those meshes to gather the material neatly at the throat. Tie a surgeon’s knot with the two tails of Dacron, making sure you really snug the thread. Make another surgeon’s knot on top of that, and another on top of that. Tie the two tails together in an overhand knot as close as possible to the last surgeon’s knot. Dab the knot with clear fingernail polish. Clip the tails.

Ledge by Wolf Moon Nets rcHow do I replace a rubber sack on my net? Use the same basic procedure as for replacing a nylon sack, with this variation: To stitch, pass the needle from the outside of the bow to the inside and through one of the holes in the mesh next to the edge of the sack. Wrap the thread snugly around the edge of the mesh three or four times before you pass the needle back through the same hole you entered from. Snug the edge of the sack up against the frame, but take care not to pull so hard you cut the rubber with the thread.

Wolf Moon Nets Wendigo groupCan I replace a nylon sack with a rubber sack? You can, but the drilling pattern we use for nylon sacks is different than for rubber sacks. When you go from nylon to rubber, you’ll end up with some unused holes in the bow. Since you’ll probably want to up the finish when you replace the sack, plan to clean varnish from the holes as you stitch, and leave the other holes plugged.

How can I refinish my net bow? Our nets are lovingly finished for lasting durability, but eventually you’ll need to refinish the net (that’s good — it means you’re fishing!). Before refinishing a net, make sure the wood is completely dry (as in, a few days by the wood stove or inside a car on sunny days). Lightly sand the net and remove all dust. Brush on a thin coat of marine spar varnish. Dry overnight and repeat as desired.

How do I buy a Wolf Moon net? You won’t find a shopping cart on our web site, but there are links to dealers who carry our nets on the top and side menu bars. A local dealer is a great resource, not only of products to buy but also advice about your home waters, how to fish them, and how to preserve them for future generations. Please support your local dealers, so they can continue to support your fishing community.

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