Guide model from Wolf Moon NetsGuide (N)
overall length 54″ / bow 20″ long x 12″ wide
GDE-20 has 20″ soft knotless sack
GDE-RC has clear lightweight rubber sack

You’ve been asking for more steelheading choices, and we aim to please. The longer-handled Guide and the shorter-handled Brule are slightly smaller than our popular Drifter and Rogue models. You can buy a very functional metal frame with a rubber sack for less money, it’s true. But for a lot of people who flyfish, there’s nothing about a metal frame to appreciate beyond function. With our long nets, you can appreciate the lovely lines that come from the marriage of the laminated bow and the black walnut handle. A net this size ought to be nice to look at, and this one is.

Guide model from Wolf Moon Nets.

Guide model from Wolf Moon Nets

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