Ledge (B)
overall length 23″ / bow 16″ long x 10″ wide
LDW has ash bow/black walnut handle.
LDM has ash bow and inlaid figured maple handle
LDW-10 and LDM-10 have 10″ soft knotless sack
LDW-RC and LDM-RC have clear lightweight rubber sack

Slightly larger than the Wolf River but smaller than the Horserace, this mid-size model is designed to handle the big, heavy fish in western streams and still be comfortable for wade-fishing in the east and midwest. The Ledge is so popular that it’s the model we chose to clone for our first teardrop-shaped Tuck net — the Steeple.

Ledge by Wolf Moon Nets

Ledge by Wolf Moon Nets detail b

Profile B