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Wolf Moon Nets.We’ve been doing a little sprucing up to make the web site more mobile-friendly. There’s a drop-down sidebar menu to help you quickly find models within a profile category. Or just click on “Models” for a page with thumbnails grouped by profile category. Dealer links are organized by state to make it easy for customers to find dealers. The FAQs page has information about the woods we use, net care, and sack replacement.

Thank you to Wayne Anderson for this picture from a Montana fishing trip with his daughters!

Summer 2013 Update

As July comes to a close, many of our dealers are catching a breath in the midst of a busy season. We’re busy, too, shipping ASAP orders, building nets, preparing our 2014 preseason program, and of course fishing.

Wolf Moon Nets ready to ship for ASAP orders.

We’ve had a great response to our new Tuck net series.

Steeple, a Tuck model from Wolf Moon Nets.
Steeple, a Tuck model

The Steeple is a teardrop-shaped Tuck. Essentially, the bow is the same as our Ledge — except for the bend that moves the tip of the bow away from your shoulder blades when it’s tucked into your waistband or behind a hip pack. The Slope is a C&R model the same size as our Prairie but with the Tuck profile.

Tucks and all other models are ready for asap shipment to our dealers.

On a personal note, our annual extended family fishing camp is coming up. The teens got to fish in Alaska this summer on their family vacation. We’re hoping they still enjoy fishing with us on the Wolf after that!

New Web Site Under Construction

new web site under construction
new web site under construction

We’re finally in the process of building a brand new web site from the ground up. Our goal is to make it easier for dealers and their customers to find just the right net, and for fishing folk to find the dealers who sell our products. Work on our new site should be done in less time than it took us to remodel the bathroom in our old farmhouse. In the meantime, you can still find our old site at